Looking for a New Family Physician //

New patients are always welcome at HFHC.
→ Please call 905-336-9600 and our staff will be pleased to help you.
→ Now you can register online!!! CLICK HERE

We want to help you get the best care with the least amount of hassle. Now you don't need to go out of the area for specialty care or leave your own neighbourhood if your child becomes ill after hours.


Billing Department   905.336.9645
Walk-In Clinic    905.336.9635
Remedy's RX Pharmacy 905.336.9644
Doctors Naturae    905.336.9621

Sense of Hearing 905.336.9656

Optometrist (Dr. Varshney) Optometry 905.592.3963
Gamma Lab Reception Lab  905.592.2276
Dental Health Group Reception Dental 905.336.9646
Halton Physiotherapy Centre/Spinal Care Clinic  905.681.2604

Just Eyes Optical 905.336.9649

Your Health Supplies Store 905.336.9655

Halton X-Ray and Ultrasound  905.336.2202  

Wharton Medical Clinic - Weight & Diabetes 905.592.2301 

Family Practices
Dr. Abrishami  Family Practice  905.336.9615
Dr. Abuelalaa  Family Practice  905.336.9617
Dr. Ahmed, Sabera  Family Practice  905.592.3950
Dr. Ahmed, Sadaf  Family Practice  905.592.3950
Dr. Calvert  Family Practice  905.336.9620
Dr. Chemparathy  Family Practice  905.592.3949
Dr. Diamond  Family Practice  905.336.9620
Dr. Gonzalez  Family Practice  905.592.3949
Dr. Jhirad  Family Practice  905.336.9630
Dr. Khan  Family Practice  905.336.9615
Dr. Mah  Family Practice  905.336.9630
Dr. Mathur  Family Practice  905.336.9620
Dr. Meneses  Family Practice  905.336.9626
Dr. Moens  Family Practice  905.336.9620
Dr. Numair  Family Practice  905.592.3946
Dr. Qaderi  Family Practice  905.592.3946
Dr. Raja  Family Practice  905.336.9615
Dr. Rizk  Family Practice  905.592.3951
Dr. Saleem  Family Practice  905.336.9617
Dr. Salter  Family Practice  905.592.3946
Dr. Samarasinghe  Family Practice  905.592.3951
Dr. Savi  Family Practice  905.336.9615
Dr. Strang  Family Practice  905.592.2272
Dr. Wania  Family Practice  905.592.2272

FAQ //

How can I make the most of my visit with my doctor?​

Bring a list of:

If you are a new patient, bring a copy of your past health records.

Are there any other medical facilities like HFHC in the region or province?

Halton Family Health Centre's facility is unique, it offers patients access to Primary, Specialist and Walk-in Clinic Services, supported on site by X-Ray/Ultrasound, Laboratory, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy. This integrative suite of healthcare services is seamlessly linked via internal administration, communication and technology. No similar facility had been built in the region or province to date.